Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Counting Down the Days 'til Summer

Eight more days of school.  One more exam.

I don't think I was this excited for school to get out when I was in third grade.  But I am tired of the homework, tired of the arguments, tired of walking into drama.

It can be tough enough for me to help Dylan get through homework.  But it's almost worse for me to let RockStar do it. 

Because of the way the calendar fell this year, Dylan's exams started last week, which was the week after Easter break. His last exams are this week and next week is his last week of third grade. 

Before Easter, he had that wild dip in the effectiveness in the meds that led us briefly to the Vyvanse, and then we went back to Metadate when evenings were worse on Vyvanse.  So I don't think we are quite there, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as before Easter.  Or at least it didn't.

Yesterday, I was exhausted and I asked RockStar to work with Dylan on his homework so I could take a nap.  This is monumental.  I'm not a napper.  At all.  Unless I'm sick or...exhausted. So a nap last night sounded good on paper; not so much in reality.  I got all comfy, was beginning to zone out, when I started hearing the arguments.  Then some music.  Then more arguments.

Then, Dylan came running in, in tears, saying Daddy was being mean.  He wouldn't let him practice chorus but instead was making him do homework.


So it was up to me to get up and wrangle the homework process.

Tonight, it was much the same, except I was out at Jazzercise and when I walked in Dylan ran to me in tears. 

I didn't get him to do his homework tonight (it was something about a missing a notebook that I could never get to the bottom of), but I calmed him down to where he could basically eat dinner and go to bed. 

Just as much as Dylan, I just need a break!  Summer break here we come. I know it will be something else, and there will be stress, but at least it will be a break from homework.

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  1. Summer brings its own issues, but I love the reprieve from school demands. I am blessed to not deal with homework -- my Mountain Man is much more patient than I am!