Thursday, November 22, 2012

Creeping back in...

If you are a regular follower of this blog, I haven’t given you much to read lately, have I?  Sorry about that. I have to claim professional obligations. While I love this blog for its mutual therapeutic properties, when push came to shove, work had to come first. 

I work for an academic unit of a university and we were celebrating a major milestone. Two years had gone into the planning of it, much of it directed by me, and we had finally come to the big weekend extravaganza! Seminars, luncheons, and a gala that had all been concepts became reality.

Reality also involved nearly 80 hours of work a week for the few weeks leading up to it. I don’t have to tell you how challenging it was to not only work that much and that hard, but to keep up with parenting my challenging guy at the same time! 

And did I mention I had to fly to a conference in San Francisco in the midst of all that? Yeah, not easy.

But the event came and went (successfully, I might add!) and I am  s l o w l y  recapturing my life. Unfortunately, I’m doing so just as the holiday season is revving up!  While I took this week off to recharge, it’s been more of a reheat…as in cooking, that is! Regardless, it’s been great to be in my own home with no work deadlines looming overhead.

I can’t promise a complete turnaround in my blogging, but I do hope to get back into it, share some of what’s been going on with us, and, honestly, spend more time with myself!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I hope you are as thankful for your special kid(s) as I am for my easy to love, but challenging boy.
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  1. Congrats on your work achievements! Sounds like a lot was going on! Glad it went so well!!