Sunday, April 10, 2011

Relishing the small moments

Sometimes it gets really easy for everything to be about ADHD.  It's especially easy when you have a week like we had last week, when Dylan seemed like he had an F-5 tornado caught up inside of him.  It's easy to get consumed by it, seeing only the challenges and disability and even projecting that forward over the years.

It's times like that you have to just stop and smell the roses.

This weekend, we did just that. 

For us, roses consisted of a skateboards and science experiments, movies and music.  With the exception of having to yell - loudly - in the grocery store because Dylan refused to stop pulling the cart hither and yon (it was late in the day), this was a "normal," ADHD-free weekend.  It was the kind of weekend I imagined having often when I had a child.  Things are different from what I thought they'd be.  Different, but not worse. 

My son is himself.  So uniquely himself.  This is a kid who was so thrilled to find the 5-video set of Star Trek movies at the Goodwill.  (Yes, we do still have a video player.)  A kid who, even though he doesn't pull As in science, loves to do science experiments.  A kid who sits in a stadium chair amidst the revelry of the French Quarter Festival  quietly putting together and taking apart a Transformer over and over and over again, perfectly happy. 

Tomorrow, I'll be back on the beat again, calling the ped to make sure she gets back to me about his out of whack meds.  I'll wish there were easier answers.  I'll worry about how he did on Day I of state testing. 

But I'll carry this weekend with me.  A weekend of small, wonderful moments that had nothing whatsoever to do with ADHD. 

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