Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From June to Peggy

Hello?  Calm, routine life?  Where did you go?

That is how I feel.  A few weeks ago, we seemed to be on a nice even keel.  I felt like a modern-day June Cleaver.  I would pick Dylan up at school (sans pearls) and he'd smile and say his homework was almost done.  We'd go home and as I prepared a healthy dinner out of the Carb Lovers Diet Book, Dylan would diligently complete his homework.  We'd all share a pleasant family dinner and then Dylan would trot off to bed, the melatonin quickly sending him into a peaceful slumber.

Okay, so I realized it wouldn't be like this forever, but I thought at least six months, maybe a year.

Nope.  In just a couple short months everything came crashing to a halt.  Literally overnight, the meds went from working all day to not even making it to after care.  I went from June Cleaver to Peggy Bundy (sans heels), while Dylan seemed to be on his way to becoming Bart Simpson.  Homework would go undone at school and it would have been easier to ask him to climb the side of the building and dance on the roof than it was to get him to sit still and do homework. 

After much angst, gnashing of teeth, and days when the pediatrician was unavailable, we finally decided to try a new med altogether - Vyvanse.  We are on day five, and while things are better...well, RockStar is in no danger of becoming Ward, and Dylan is not even close to being the Beaver.  

I know we aren't living an episode of Leave it to Beaver and we probably never will.  But I would like to be one of those family dramas where the parents works hard to do the right thing and the kids turn out okay in the end.  Like Family, or Party of Five, or even Parenthood.  I just don't make a good Peggy Bundy.  I'm terrible at teasing my hair.


In trying to find an appropriate foil to Leave it to Beaver, I found a great website called Crazy About TV.  It brings back such memories of old TV shows when I was a kid!  Well worth checking out.

Also check out Penny Williams on BlogHer talking about the Stigma of ADHD.  Go, Penny!

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