Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fresh out of answers

I attacked today with verve.  I fired off emails to three of Dylan's teachers before 9:00am to find out if they'd seen any change in him.  Then I tried to leave a message for his pediatrician. 

But as often happens when you are charged up and ready to make a difference, I was stopped in my tracks.  Dylan's pediatrician is on vacation.  Since his psychiatrist is on extended leave and I don't feel comfortable talking to any of the other peds in the practice about this, I had to leave a message for next week.

I got a response from one teacher so far.  She said he's been really tired and asked if he had been up later than usual.  In fact, she asked if he'd been watching too much TV.  I hate how teachers assume so much.  Of course your kids watch TV in the evening.  (Dylan doesn't - he's not allowed and never has been, school year or summer.)  Of course your kids have the latest video game systems.  (Dylan doesn't - we won't buy one.) 

Then she reminded me that next week is state testing.  Thankfully, it's not the pass/fail test he'll take next year.  But it's still a standardized test.  If his meds are slipping, how will he ever get through four days of testing???

Worse than all that, this evening started horribly.  I picked him up at school and his first question was, "Can we go to Subway?"  I'm not sure why Subway has suddenly become a thing with him.  This is a repeat of several other school days over the past few weeks. 

Going out to eat anywhere is almost unheard of on a weeknight for us.  I just find there's too much pressure on the evening as it is to add a trip to a restaurant of any kind. 

Going out to eat is also unheard of since RockStar lost his job last year.  We did go for pizza on Saturday, but that was only because I had spent 10 long hours doing our taxes.  I deserved it.  AND, I figured it would quell the Subway requests.  I guess not. 

So I had to say no.  Besides the cost and the fact that it was Wednesday, he also hadn't finished his homework.  His response was explosive.  Crying.  Drama.  End of the world stuff.  He actually told me he was going to go live with the homeless. 

How can we wait until our ped gets back?  But what other choice do we have?  There's just no Answer Guide to all this.  No late-night ADHD clinic.  No ancient Chinese remedy. 

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