Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things to be grateful for on a Sunday afternoon

I've heard that blogs can be an excuse to complain, and I won't deny that it can be a good vehicle for venting.  But I'm inspired by both the weather and by the ADHD Mommas' Feel Good Friday on Facebook, both of which are reminding me to count my blessings.  So without further ado...
  1. We're trying a new ADHD medication with Dylan today.  Actually, it's the same active ingredient as the patch he usually wears, but it's a capsule that can be opened into a spoonful of something.  We tried it in yogurt on Thanksgiving Day and Dylan said it tasted like there were rocks in it and refused to take it again.  But while I still have mixed feelings about the school's position on increasing/changing his meds, I'm also curious to see if it would make a difference. Members on a message board I frequent suggested putting it in ice cream rather than yogurt, to make it more of a draw.  Since weight gain is not a big concern for Dylan, it seemed reasonable to give it a try.  He still almost balked when it went into his mouth, but he did swallow it.  And so far, he's been having a fabulous day!  In fact, that leads me to Reason #2 to be grateful... 
  2. Dylan came home from church and immediately started his homework!  That's a far cry from last weekend when we didn't even hear about weekend homework until the evening before school started back up.  He even held off coming out to brunch until his vocabulary workbook was finished!  Usually, he wants any excuse to interrupt homework.
  3. We have had a week of very positive social occasions.  First, Dylan's birthday party on Monday afternoon.  We limited the guest list to just a few boys, which is so much better for Dylan, and we went bowling, which gave them a good, focused activity.  Then on Friday evening, Dylan had a fun, relaxed play date that went off beautifully!  There were no arguments, no power struggles, and no tears.  And finally, last night, he attended the Cultural Cafe, put on by his school's French immersion program, and had a great time - with no drama!  I'm hopeful these signs show that his social skills are maturing.
  4. Today is a beautiful day.  It's about 70 degrees, sunny, blue skies.  I realize that we haven't had nearly the bad weather of the rest of the country.  With many of my family and friends in the Northeast, I know we are more than lucky to live in New Orleans, but still, the weather has been too cold and damp for me.  Today gives me hope that spring is on its way and soon my muscles will relax from being so tensed against the cold.  I may have been born into cold weather, but it was never the right climate for me!
  5. The past few days things have been going well between the RockStar and me.  The week started off a little tense, but after dinner with my friend last week, I wrote him a letter.  Just writing down my feelings helped immensely.  I only sent him about two paragraphs of it, half of which congratulated him for getting promoted to senior sales associate at the retail shop he works part time.  But it also included my concerns that we need to see a marriage counselor and work on our marriage.  We haven't discussed it, yet things seem remarkably better.  I see a little light that I hadn't been seeing before. 
  6. Finally, I am sitting in a coffee shop having a little "me time."  Always reason to celebrate!


  1. Me time really does free us up to find the positive in life. Really happy to hear how well Dylan is doing!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I wish today had gone as well...