Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

Can you hear it?

Listen close.

It's the sound of no fighting over homework. That's right, the sound of the absence of tension. A sound that is the absence of a sound.

Okay, so, the moment could be broken at any second over something utterly un-homework related. (Bedtime? Picking up toys? Whether or not I like the kids in Spy Kids.)

But no matter. Right now, at this very moment, I'm happy to not be arguing over homework.


It's not that Dylan doesn't have homework - he does - but he has five glorious days to do it in.

Days, not evenings when his meds are out of his system.

It's a sad commentary that homework consumes our family life. Evenings are spent arguing about it. Dinnertimes trying to squeeze in some reading. Breakfasts nudging him to finish assignments. Nights we don't go to the playground, to Kung Fu, to the library. Weekends not spent outside. Music not listened to.

I hate that I have to worry about it while I'm at work. That I have to email teachers describing what our nights are like, trying to get them to see him as a person not a missing homework assignment.

In schools today, creativity is not valued. The focus isn't on making students well-rounded and thoughtful. Instead, the focus is on standardized tests.  Social studies is taught through books, science through videos, when both of these subjects should be experienced through field trips and experiments.

Sometimes, I think we have a life unlived. A life we're supposed to be out doing, instead of inside with homework. Sometimes, I even envy the homeschoolers.

I know one of us would probably kill each other before a week was out, but to have the opportunity to teach subjects through experience, on his timetable not the state school board's...

Well, I'd be saying even more than "ah..."

In all all actuality, I'm saying "ah..." for another reason, too. We had rolling thunderstorms all night long last night.  This was the second time in a week, and our dog as well as the dog we are pet-sitting, went nuts. Especially our dog, Nikki.  Constant panting.  Constant attempts to dig through everything - bags, the laundry, the floor, the tub.  Spilled water.  Pee on the floor.  A "lovely" night without sleep.

But storms.  Plus we got a subscription of doggie Xanax for the eventual next round, possibly later this week.

Tonight is for sleeping.  And not homework.


  1. Your spring break sounds peacefully wonderful. Mine was full of shrieking warlords and it was my job to keep them from killing each other. Ugh - so glad school's back in session!

  2. I guess that difference between an only child and more than one!

  3. I'm glad you had a nice Spring break. A break from homework is truly welcome at our house too! I don't think any of my kids read much that week at all.