Saturday, June 4, 2011

Harvest Time

I would never make it as a farmer.

While there is a hippy chick inside of my yearning to get out and live organically, make my own  yogurt, hang my laundry on the line, and live off grid, the reality is that I am just not much of a prairie wife.

That said, I have tried every year for several years now to grow a spring vegetable garden. The first year we were overrun with worms that ate the plants faster than we could pick them.

The next year, we planted too late and they baked in the sun. I think we had one tomato.

Despite our lack of success, every year I get the urge to try again.  Quitting has never been a part of my vocabulary.  

And I'm proud to say, we have something to harvest!  Check it out:

And there are more ripening! I'm really proud of our progress.

I like the idea of showing Dylan the process of food growing and thankfully tomatoes are something he really likes.  I've heard parents say that growing vegetables made their kids like the vegetables, but I've heard the same things about kids preparing meals and that certainly hasn't been the case with Dylan.

That hippy chick in me really would like to live out an Animal, Vegetable, Miracle scenario that my favorite author Barbara Kingsolver describes in her book.  But for now, and maybe forever, this is our success at urban gardening. 

Tomato anyone?

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  1. Congrats on your gorgeous harvest. I try to grow tomatoes every year but the squirrels seem to get most of them. I agree that kids think stuff they grow themselves tastes better.