Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

We were supposed to have a student assistance team meeting today. While I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, I was looking to get it over with. Instead, however, we are home waiting for Isaac. As in Hurricane Isaac.

Having a day home from work and school is not a bad thing. But for any kid it can get pretty confining, especially when everything is closed. For a kid like Dylan, who can be a bit more oppositional, whiney, and less mature than his peers, well, it could be disastrous without a little creativity.

Refrigerator to the rescue!  In advance of the storm (and entirely unrelated), we had to get a new fridge and it was delivered quick and in a hurry before everything shut down. And what comes with a refrigerator? A refrigerator box!

Of course, it is way more than a box. For Dylan, it's a house. There's a window (positioned so that he can view the TV from inside of it) and a large skylight.

About mid-day we did some stretches from a vintage yoga book I found.  That felt good!

Then we made Jello.
We realized after the fact that he wanted to cut shapes in it so we dumped it out onto a cookie sheet. Not very successful, so we may try again tomorrow by making more Jello in a baking pan.

I have very fond memories of making Jello with my grandmother when I was a kid. I have never done it much with Dylan, which makes me feel a little bad, but of course, my grandmother didn't work 40 hours a week.

Finally, we took a walk.  Once the rain and wind comes in earnest, we'll likely be housebound, so we took a pretty adventurous path to a nearby bayou to watch the water churning.  It was good to stretch our legs and get some exercise.

We may head out to the lake in a little bit just to (carefully) see the waves. After that, we'll be officially hunkered down with our new (and outrageously expensive) generator (in the event of a power failure), some wine (for the grownups), and of course, Jello.

Experiencing Isaac.

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