Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Frustration

I'm a fallen blogger.

I know I'm like many bloggers who start out just wanting to share with other like-minded souls.  It feels important and makes you feel less alone in whatever your journey is.

But then...

Yeah, but then.  All the things that make you want to blog get in the way from actually doing the blog.  

When I last wrote, I was preparing for a teacher meeting.  It went fine, perhaps not great.  School for Dylan is fine, but not great.  His test grades range from A through F.  I've had issues with things at school and so has he.

And then there's been homework.  Lots of it.  Lots and LOTS of it.  

I never had homework like that, even without ADHD.  

Then there are unexpected things.  Like expecting RockStar to be at work and coming home to find he's not.  Startling enough considering he has not had a spotless work record, but worse in that I had already told Dylan he had to come to a meeting with me.  So really he didn't, but now he was primed.  

Primed for a fight, apparently.

And I was tired, worn out, angry that I didn't know RockStar was home.  And I really didn't need Dylan at the meeting.  Really really didn't need it.  But he insisted.  So I threatened - no TV through Sunday if he came.  Then it became no TV through the end of September.

And there we are.  He came.  Now I have to enforce an unplanned TV-free Ten Days.  


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  1. When the blogging feels like it is a chore, you are right to take a break!